What is Scoot! Club?

Scoot! Club is a membership organization dedicated to promoting and enhancing the scootering lifestyle throughout the U.S. Whether you ride a vintage or modern scooter (or both) we look forward to helping you further your scooter appreciation via our club publication, Scoot! Magazine; exclusive club benefits and discounts; and lifestyle products and support.

What about Scoot! Magazine?

In 2011 Scoot! Magazine transitioned to become the membership website for the Scoot! Club. Scoot! Magazine began in 1997 as a black & white magazine that covered the California vintage scooter scene. It grew quickly and in 2004 went full color. In 2011, the magazine was absorbed into The Scoot! Club in order to provide more value and timeliness for its readers. The Scoot! Club is the overarching organization and Scoot! Magazine is the news content on the club's site.

What type of scooters do you cover?

Originally it was just vintage European scooters, but in the early 2000's when new brands re-entered the US Market we began covering new scooters. We strive to cover both vintage and modern scooters evenly.

Lots of content on the site is free. What do I get for being a member?

All members receive a membership packet and an account that grants them access to all of the content on the site. If you are not a member, many of the articles will not be available to you. Content like scooter reviews, technical tutorials, event reports and more are premium content only for members. Scoot! Club members also receive special discounts with select merchants.

How can I submit an article for possible publishing in Scoot! Magazine?

Use the form on the CONTACT page of the site to include a brief outline of what you propose as well as your qualifications and complete contact info. We'll get back to you, but allow 2-3 weeks

What opportunities are there for me in Scoot! Magazine?

There are several ways that Scoot! incorporates real people from the scootering community. Show Us Your Scoots is a snapshot of scoooterists with their scooters. Reader's Rides are in-depth looks at special scooter projects with great photos. Rally Reports are text/photo reports on scooter rallies and events. Dealer Profiles highlight scooter shops and dealer that provide exemplary service and support to the scootering community. You need not be a Scoot! Club member to contribute to these features, just fill out the form on our Contribute page.

Does Scoot! Club or Scoot! Magazine sell scooters or parts?

No. We are not dealers nor are we a buyer service agency. We evaluate scooter models from an editorial perspective and receive no compensation for our reviews.

I have additional questions about Scoot! Club or Scoot! Magazine.

Use our CONTACT page (upper right hand corner)to give us your feedback.

Yes, depending upon what products we have available and what rallies we may already be sponsoring.  Use our CONTACT page to send a request. Be sure to include the dates of the event, location, what type of support you are requesting, and include a email, phone and mailing address of the person in charge of sponsorship.