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Originally founded in 1997 as a black-and-white quarterly California-centric scooter magazine, in 2004 Scoot! Quarterly became Scoot! Magazine a bi-monthly modern and vintage magazine with a circulation of over 20,000 and distribution throughout the world. In 2011 the magazine became the publication for Scoot! Club, a membership organization supporting U.S. scootering. Scoot! covers new products, reviews, events, profiles of scooterists and their bikes, technical tutorials, scooter history, touring articles and more. Content is now delivered weekly via this website with much content available for free and some content for members-only. More information on the Club and its benefits can be found on The Scoot! Club website.

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Scoot! Magazine Issue # 61

Scoot! Magazine Issue # 60 (we're still adding content from this backlist title)

Scoot! Magazine Issue # 59

Scoot! Magazine Issue #58