Interested in contributing articles and photos, or having your scooter featured in for Scoot! Magazine?

We have several opportunities for scooterists who want to share their stories and talent with the scootering community:

Rally Reports: attending a rally and want to share your experience with other scooterists? Give a flavor of the event in 250-800 words (and include 5 color photos) that will interest, inform and inspire other scooterists. Please check with rally organizers, first, to ensure that they haven't already organized an article contribution.

Show Us Your Scoot!: A simple way to show off your cool scooter to the community. Requires a clear photo of you with your scooter and your full name, city/state/country, and scooter's year/make/model. Include any pertinent info that scooterists may find interesting.

Reader's Ride: Reserved for the best of the best! A look at particularly interesting customs, restorations and oddity scooters that will educate and inform scooterists. If you have a unique bike that draws a crowd at rallies, we'd like to share your process with our readers. Requires completing a questionnaire and submitting 8-12 photos for a photo gallery. Be prepared to share your secrets on how you achieved your particular scooter style.

Technical Articles: Want to share some cool tuning or bodywork trick? Discovered a clever way to fix something on your scoot? Want to show how to do routine maintenance that will save our readers time and money? We publish illustrated how-to articles from experienced and knowledgeable mechanics.

Scoot Adventures: Have you undertaken a long ride around the country? Have you toured foreign countries by scooter? Our readers love to read about unusual, stimulating scooter journeys. These articles range from 800-2,000 words and include lots of great photos that enhance the story.

Contributors whose work appears on our site will receive three months of online access.

If you have something you would like to share with the Scoot! Readers, send us a message with a brief description of how you want to contribute. Include your full contact information as well as any information on your qualifications (if applicable). We'll get back to you within 2 weeks.


To send a query, use our CONTACT link above.